Rules and Regulation

Rules & Regulations


  1. Regulations: The tournament will be conducted initially in accordance with the WTBF Generic Polices, Sport Injury and Risk Management, Standards & WTBF Player Grading System as adopted by WTBF, followed by the Laws of Badminton, General Competition Regulations & Player Code of Conduct as adopted by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), except where modified by these conditions.
  2. The Chief Referee and WTBF Jury shall have the entire control and management of the tournament and will adjudicate on all matters relating to these conditions, adopted WTBF policy and adopted BWF Laws, Regulations & Codes of Conduct.
  3. The WTBF Tournament Jury reserves the right to reject or re-grade any entry and may cancel an event if insufficient entries are received.
  4. Players who enter doubles as ‘partner required’ must update their online entry prior to the closing date of entries if they have arranged a partner for the event. When the tournament entries close the WTBF tournament Jury will assign any available players to those who are without partners. The decision of the WTBF tournament Jury will be final.
  5. WTBF Affiliation: All players are required to be a current member listed on Member Database of a WTBF. Any player who is not a current member of WTBF as on the entry closing date will be ineligible to play at this tournament.
  6. Entrants consent to the collection of their details and image by the WTBF tournament Jury and understand that such information may be passed onto and used by WTBF. Entrants acknowledge their right to access and correct such information.
  7. Entries close on the 28th February 2018. No late entries will be accepted. Entries must be submitted online only. Email, mail, or phone entries will not be accepted. 
  8. Entry Lists and Order of Play will be published after the close of entries with a link via It is the responsibility of the entrant to check their entry and report any errors to the WTBF tournament Jury before the withdrawal date.
  9. Seeding will be done based on the WTBF Ranking System. The WTBF jury has all the rights to allow or deny participants to play under “Open Masters” category.
  10. Play will commence at 8:30am on Saturday & Sunday, unless otherwise notified.
  11. Players are required to report to the tournament office at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled match. The match will start on scheduled time, if any player failed to appear will be given walk-over.
  12. Players will be given maximum of 10 minutes rest before starting another match.
  13. If needed umpires for each match will be appointed by the tournament chief referee.
  14. Enquiries regarding starting times of matches are the responsibility of entrants. The timetable for the event will also be placed on the tournament website and in the venue. The Referee has the power to disqualify any player not available to play when called to do so. Any alterations made to the competition schedule due to unforeseen circumstances will be announced by the Referee.
  15. Players will be given maximum of 2 minutes for warmup-time before the match starts.
  16. Regulation Dress

           (a) Acceptable sporting clothing suitable for Badminton/Tennis must be worn at all times whilst competing.

           (b) Advertising on clothing is acceptable subject to BWF Rules.

           (c) Footwear must be acceptable Badminton/Tennis type and be non-marking.

           (d) Acceptability of dress shall be at the discretion of the Chef Referee.

  1. The shuttle will be provided during the match.
  2. The WTBF tournament Jury has the right to reject admission to any person or group of persons for the smooth and safe conduct of the whole event.
  3. A new Open Masters Men Singles Category is introduced in 6th WTBT to engorge new participants/youngsters. It will be a semi-advanced or intermediate level of competition and open to anyone. The Open Men Singles category is renamed as Open Gold Men Singles which is the advanced level of competition and opens to anyone and will be awarded with Cash Prize. We are highly recommending the participants to register for an appropriate category based on your competency.
  4. The WTBF have the rights to merge one or more categories into a single category when less number of participants are registered for any of the planned categories.